Tuesday, 16 March 2010


Hi People

todays blog deals with Speaker Bercow at the uk parlaiment and some correspondence that I have had resently with him. Emails sent and written replies, you will see that I have been at the least impressed by the speed of his offices reply although the contents have much to be desired hence the title of the blog. You will see why shortly so for those interested in the machinations of central government and their games read on.

This email was sent the 7th March 2010 to this email address bercowj@parliament.uk

Hello Mr. Bercow

for many years I have been protesting at the Welsh Assembly hoping that someone there would look into my housing situation, and other related issues surrounding those with mental health issues, and long term unemployment. This has culminated in a series of blogs rather extensive now as well as placing videos on youtube contacting the leaders of all parties as my own MP Julie Morgan and my Assembly Member Jonathan Morgan refuse to act on my behalf. Here is the web address for viewing the blogs http://bbccrazydave.blogspot.com
You will see that I have slandered certain members as being criminally negligent towards my health n welfare. I trust that you will do the decent thing in this matter, as so far everyone appears to turn a blind eye. I trust that at some point in time a public inquiry will be opened into why nobody stepped in to offer any assistance. Most notably Cardiff County Council who are my landlord.

I hope that you will do me the courtecy of acknowledging this email via email, as the issues directly relate to the malfeasance by my MP, AM and party leaders.

Yours in hope rather than expectancy
David Gabriel (address supplied but with held for privacy)

On the 10th March 2010 I had the following reply from the speaker's Secretary Angus Sinclair

Dear Mr Gabriel

Mr. Speaker has asked me to write in reply to your e-mail of the 7 March (19:44).

Please let me explain that the Speaker's duties are to the House of Commons and his own constituents. He cannot interfere in another Members' constituency and this means that he is not permitted to assist as you request.

You will know, that very shortly, the country will hold a General Eclection. This gives all of us the opportunity to vote for the individual who will best represent our interests in the governing of the country. If you feel that those who represent you now are not doing it properly then you can do what you can do to lawfully express your view, ultimately in the ballot box.

Mr. Speaker sends you his best wishes and hopes you will understand why he cannot help.

Yours sincerly Angus Sinclair

So not satisfied with that I sent this e-mail on the 11th March 2010

Hi there Mr. Bercow

thanks for your letter of the 9th March 2010. That is the fastest I have ever had a response from any government dept. Very impressed. However the contents left a lot to be desired given the nature of the complaint to you. Complicity in the criminal negligence of my health n welfare by David Cameron as the leader of the opposition. I am sure that Angus must be aware that I am not one of Mr. Camerons constituents.

The reason for this email is to ask that you forward my complaint to the relevant committee, as no doubt Mr. Cameron will win his seat back at the General Election and as I have found that the wheels of government grind more slowly than Gods own. They ought to get around to considering the alligation by the return of parliament after the election.

I realise with such a swift response that the blogs cannot have been looked at fully but due diligence will find that I emailed the parliamentary standards commissioner regarding Julie Morgans Malfeasance towards me, and they failed to respond. Does your role as the speaker cover the workings of that department???

I trust that this will meet with as swift a response as the last. I do not know if you have ever lived in a property that does not conform to minimum building standard regulations or suffered with clinical depression. Either makes daily life a misery especially when you are the victim of harassment at the same time.

Yours David gabriel

I received the following reply dated the 15 March 2010

Dear Mr. Gabriel

Thank you for your further e-mail (15:23)

I am sorry to tell you that Mr. Speaker is not in a position to help you with your complaint. He can only receive and act on complaints from

I am sorry that you have had no reply from the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards, His e-mail address is: standardscommissioner@parliament.uk or by post: John Lyon CB, Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards, c/o House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA. If you write to him please make certain that you explain your complaint and why it is directed against an individual or individuals and include any evidence you have in support of your complaint. I must also point out that he deals only with complaints made against Members of the House of Commons.

Yours Sincerly Angus Sinclair

You have to wonder if it is to much for the speaker to just forward the 2 e-mails to John Lyons especially when Mr. Lyons department failed to reply to me with the initial complaint against Julie Morgan.

But then complicity by the leader of the Speakers own political party in Criminal Negligence maybe a bridge to far and delays still further any serious inquiry into the complaint, with the commissioners office make pretending like they havent had any complaint. As I have had various offices make pretend that they never received letters, e-mails seem the best way to deal with correspondence.

That Mr. Cameron has been one of the Usual Suspects for some time now, appears not to matter and there is a blog that deals with his office responding to one of the many dummy e-mail accounts that I have been forced to open if just to by pass the Independant Police Complaints Commissions block on my main e-mail account, while Mr. Cameron's office refuse to acknowledge the blogs that deal with the continued neglect.

As I will have to do for this one. As it appears that Cardiff County Council have a wholesale block on my main email address, and I have recently made a complaint to their Social Services Corporate Director Neelam Bhardwaja of criminal negligence towards my health n welfare and apparently the e-mail never got through to her secretary even though I sent it to the apparent right one.

Not that I have got very far with that. It seems that you have to go through the assessment for a social worker Crazydave. What the one that you refused last year. Yeah or get a doctor to write on your behalf. Even though you havent been registered with one since 2002, yeah. But then you explained why that is havent you Crazydave?

Yes I have and funny how the conversation I had with Social Services last week prompted a letter from a housing officer one Stephen Bratton who wants a meeting with me regarding that conversation. I have sent another e-mail to Social Services but will resend it at the new address, pointing out that if anyone there had cared to read the blogs then they would have seen that I made repeated request for an injunction to be placed against the Housing Office sending me any more letters until I have been appropriatly re-housed.

Because unless this Stephen Bratton has the power and authority to appropriately re-house me then he is wasting mine and his own time. Isn't that right Mr. Morgan Ex-first Minister of the Welsh Assembly.

Given that a private landlord has been receiving £85,000 per annum for housing a family of 6 this past god knows how long from Social Security. I have this question for the current Prime Minister and whoever the next is. If the country has that ammount to waste on a private landlord, why is it that they cannot afford to purchase a bungalow for Crazydave especially as they own a Lions share in the banks???? At least when Crazydave snuffs it they will retain the Capital Asset, and therefore the monies used would be an investment, where as they gain nothing through the £85,000 they give free gratis to the private landlord.

I will state it once again that paying private landlords to house the long term unemployed is gross financial mismanagement. Oh I know what they will all say 'We have a statutory obligation to pay it Crazydave' Yeah only because nobody else cares what a waste of public money that is. Compulsory purchase these types of accommodation would be 'the hard decision' none of the current political elite appear able to make, especially when dealing with long term unemployed living in them. Insanity and reeks of the Elite looking after their own.

Tell me Prime Minister what problem is there in doing just that for ole Crazydave a bungalow where he will not have to put up with others taking the piss because they have been allowed to for so long in a council tenancy that does not conform to minimum building standard regulations???

Thats enough for today time to open up the dummy e-mail account David Hornblower its gonna be the name of this one, a little play on the childhood taunts by teachers eh Crazydave, Yep! Oh and then there's the video making for the none reading audience.

All the Best people in this instance its people in authority passing on complaints to the relavant office, because they are in a position to do so, and the complanee knows, that the relevant office had better act on it or else, they will get it from the publ;ic authority in this instance Mr. Bercow. Eh Mr. Speaker the simple forward to Mr. Lyons office would have got the necessary ball rolling wouldn't it???? I think so Crazydave I really really think it would. No further delays the blogsite is enough evidence I would have thought.

And then they have a good old jolly holding another inquiry as to 'HOW COULD THIS HAVE GONE ON FOR SO LONG AND NOBODY DO ANYTHING' With all the media questions, only in your case Crazydave they wouldn't do that would they. In your case the Media have been aiding n abetting the neglect. Well take a good look at the list of blogs on http://bbccrazydave.blogspot.com (video embed will follow soon)